Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Grand Canyon/ Sedona

The Grand Canyon lying vast and wild like an open wound in the earth itself and containing within it like an almanac all the histories and trials of the world in it's making. Every layer defined and separate from one another and each owing itself to the next and to the last. It's unending wildness incalculable by any measurement of man, for there is nothing near its equal to measure it against. It holds in itself the same mystery an awe that exists in the darkness and emptiness of space; A dual nature to it that is at once inspiring and alienating. A sense that nothing could be more unconcerned or indifferent to our, as humans, very existence. A undeniable knowledge that it has been there since long before our first breaths, and our first evolutions and our wars and our victories and that it will continue to be when all we know is dust and ash and ruin and forgotten. Places like The Grand Canyon and Space all at once challenge and somehow confirm the existence of God, or a God. Places that continue to change and destroy and rebuild themselves in a continuous and unceasing cycle of self perpetuation that will run until time has no meaning and there is no means left to recorded it and the very idea of these places being somehow pre-rendered for humans themselves and solely has vanished because we too will be gone and all remembrance of such beauty is gone with us. However, it also may be thought if such places were not made by the very hands of God than nothing has been, and nothing ever will be. A pulse runs through such things that too runs through the bloodlines of all mankind, some may not know it and some may never feel it or have a chance to fall in synch to it, but it is true that there are at times very real, very primal moments when a rhythm can be heard and a harmony can be felt resonating aloud and man and earth and blood and stone are all very much one and originated from the very same air and dirt. At these places, the depths can only be measured by the soul.

34°51′36″N 111°47′21″W

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